Friday, September 26, 2008

On the countdown

There are so many things that I am counting down to that it gets a little overwhelming some times. In 6 days I leave to go to Utah to see my girls!! I am so excited that I am starting to not be able to sleep at night. :) In one month Rob and I leave to go to Hawaii for 11 days of sunshine, relaxation, beaches, whales, dolphins, hiking, relaxation, hand and foot, relaxation!!!!!! Can you tell I am most excited about the relaxation. We are going with the VanOrmans from Medicine Hat. We can hardly wait. Rob is the one loosing sleep over this excitement!!! In 6 weeks (probably while we are in Hawaii :( our 3rd granddaughter will join our family!!! I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am about this little bit of goodness in our lives!!! I have been imagining what she looks like and what color her eyes are going to be. Will she look like Eden or will she look like Marci????? I can't wait to put her in my arms and hold her!!! So many good things to look forward to. Then I put Christmas in there and how am I going to get everything done. Oh well, if it doesn't get done, it doesn't get done. But right now, I am 6 days away from seeing the girls!!! Here I come!

Monday, September 15, 2008


So, most of you know that we are expecting our 3rd granddaughter in November and we are so excited!!! I miss my kids and their kids so much. This morning I was looking at some pictures and I came across this picture of Marci and Eden. I have been thinking about what this new baby is going to look like alot lately and this picture just really reminded me of how much Eden looks like her Daddy. I love the contrast in this picture. Marci is so dark and Eden is so fair!! I just can't wait to see what this new baby will look like and what joy she will bring to our lives.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Our trip to Philmont was so enjoyable. Kayla was so happy to have us there to see all the things that she has been telling us about for years. The wedding of Paige and Scott was so beautiful. We were excited to be there and be a part of this blessed day!! Here are some pictures from our trip.
We were also happy to be a part of Michelle and Brady's engagement day!! How appropriate that they were on top of Lovers Leap and decided to take a leap together!! Oh wait - she said no to that question!!!!!! But yes to the right question!!! Wedding coming up in December!!!!!!!

Fun Times

We had a little party for Luke Radandt for his 3rd birhday earlier this month. He is such a sweet little boy. We got some great pictures and so, of course, I had do a lay out for him. He was so funny with this little hat that his Momma gave him. He wore it all day, only to take it off for nap time and prayer!!! We had such a FUN TIME with all that was there!