Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Growing up!

So I can't believe that Gracie Hockenjos is already 2 months old. She is growing up way to fast. Every time we see her she has changed. I keep telling her that she is not allowed to grow up that fast, but you know how children listen----not very well!! She just keeps growing! We got together for Luke Radandt's 3rd birthday and Rob took this cute picture of Easton and Gracie, so of course, I had to do a page with it. I love this one!! Easton really is such a great big brother.

We love you all!

Fish and Snakes

Sometimes I wonder where my children really came from? Kayla is the most adventuristic (is that a word?) child I know. You would never catch me with a snake in my hands or a fishing pole for that matter!! She was so excited to have us be up at Philmont where she has made some of her best memories!! Her Dad and her got to go do some hiking and fishing and she was in heaven. Here are some pictures that her Dad took of her and her little friends!

The Tram!

We had a chance to go and visit with Marci, Christian and Eden for a day - on our way to Philmont, New Mexico. We decided to go on a tram ride. Any of you that know me very well, know that I have quite a fear of heights!! So, I couldn't not go!! The ride up was a little freightening for me, but I made it just fine. The view from up top was absolutely amazing. We had such a good time. Here are some of the pictures that we took, while on top of the world!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


When you see the title of this entry, you may think - yes Paula probably needs therapy right now, but really, my best therapy is to look at pictures of my grandbabies. I am not sure why this is so theraputic for me, but I feel better already. I love these pictures of Eden on the trampoline. I can't help but laugh when I see her hair so static filled!!!